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Evening Report – Mon., Sep 26, 2022 – Outrage Over UI Memo on Idaho’s Censorship Laws

  • Social Media Outrage over UI General Counsel’s Memo Telling UI Employees How to Comply with Idaho’s No Public Funds for Abortion Act and other Censorship Laws by Restricting Their Free Speech on Abortion and Contraception.
  • No Public Funds for Abortion Act sponsor Rep. Bruce Skaug’s Connection to Moscow Censorship Issues.
  • Pullman High School Students Walk Out Over Inaction by Administration to Alleged Rape at School.
  • Boise Police Reports say Mall Shooter Last Year Used the Word “Transgender” on Phone Seconds after He Killed First Victim, A Transgender Mall Security Guard.
  • Boise Police Chief Resigns Amid Neck Hold Demonstration Injuries Accusation.
  • more.

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Evening Report – Tue., Nov 15, 2015 – Pullman HS Walk-Out

  • 40 Pullman High School Students Walk Out of Class in Opposition to Trump Election
  • University of Idaho Political Science Professors Discuss Trump Election
  • Moscow Committee Recommends Approval of Zoning Code Change to Make it Easier to Rebuild Nonconforming Structures After a Fire
  • Idaho Lawmakers will Probably Wait to See What Trump & Congress Does before Making Changes to State Health Systems

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