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Evening Report – Mon., Apr 19, 2021 – War on Idaho Voters

  • Gov. Little Signs SB1110 Making it Virtually Impossible to Get Statewide Initiatives on the Ballot.  Reclaim Idaho Vows Legal Challenge.
  • Bill Requiring All Idaho Initiative Petition Signings to Take Place in Idaho Stalls in House as Republicans Can’t Find a Way to Disenfranchise Idaho Citizens who Sign Petitions at Ontario, Oregon Pot Shops but not Disenfranchise Idaho Voters Serving Long Assignments in the Military or on Religious Missions Overseas.
  • SB111A Passes House; Would Bury Citizen Engagement in Local Elections by Moving City Council & Mayoral Elections in Idaho to Even-Numbered Years.
  • Bill Eliminating August School Levy, Bond or School Board Elections Passes House, to the Chagrin of School Board Members Around the State.
  • Republican Rep. Julianne Young of Blackfoot Introduces Bill Banning Books and Educational Materials in Idaho Colleges and K-12 Schools that Promote “Sectarianism.”
  • Washington Legislators Considering New Drug Possession Law after State Supreme Court Rules Felony Drug Possession Law Unconstitutional.
  • more.

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