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Evening Report – Fri., Sep 23, 2022 – Idaho Abortion Laws Impacts on People

  • UI Law Professor Shaakirrah Sanders on Impact of Overturn of Roe Vs. Wade on Idaho (full presentation).
  • University of Idaho Office of General Counsel Issues E-mail to All UI Employees Warning About Idaho’s Censorship Laws on Speech About Abortion and Contraceptives.
  • Idaho Attorney General’s Office Files Motion for Judge Winmill to Reconsider his Temporary Injunction Against Idaho’s Strictest Abortion Law Making It A Felony to Perform an Abortion Even If the Health of the Mother is at Risk without the Procedure.
  • Oracle Corporation Says it Will Rebuild Broken Multi-Billion Dollar Veterans Administration Electronic Health Record System Used in Spokane.
  • Idaho Dept. of Environmental Quality Issues Toxic Algae Bloom in Spring Valley Reservoir Near Troy.
  • more.

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Evening Report – Mon., Oct 7, 2019 – Dam Discussion

  • Idaho River Community Alliance Leaders ask Gov. Little to Include Dam Breaching as an Option.
  • Moscow Council to Consider 7 Year Solid Waste Transport Agreement and City Staff Management Reorganization.
  • Health Warning for Winchester Lake Due to Blue-Green Algae.
  • Family to Sue over Spokane Police Killing.
  • more.

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