Evening Report – Mon., Dec 2, 2019 – WTO Rubber Bullets

  • On the 20th Anniversary of the Battle in Seattle, we Hear from a Protester Partially Blinded by Police Rubber Bullet.
  • Idaho Issues Temporary Rules on Hemp Transportation.
  • 9 Idahoans Dead in South Dakota Plane Crash.
  • UI Offers Early Retirement & Voluntary Separation Incentives
  • BYU-Idaho Reverses Decision on Accepting Medicaid as Opt Out for University’s Health Insurance Plan.
  • more.

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One comment on “Evening Report – Mon., Dec 2, 2019 – WTO Rubber Bullets
  1. Matt Wolohan says:

    I know Life has Meaning and know her as one of the mst non violent people that I’ve ever met. She is an activist and believes in standing up to what she perceives as unjust. How a police officer could pick her out of a crowd is shocking and likely targeted. My demonstration days were in the 60’s and early seventies and I personally witnessed police riots in Washington D.C. and in Los Angeles and know for certain that these were planned attacks to discourage protest. One demonstration in particular in Griffith Park in LA Easter 1971, I believe, that because i was helping a friend who worked for the free clinic, we were informed that the police were going to attack a peaceful crowd and that we should be prepared to give medical care to the victims. The crowd was attacked from all sides and the police beat non violent protesters with batons. I’m sure that in toady’s polarized political climate it will soon happen again.

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