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Evening Report – Mon., Jun 22, 2020 – Shootings at Capitol Hill Zone

  • 3 Shootings Over the Weekend near Capitol Hill Organized Protest Zone; Kshama Sawant Suspects Right Wing Attack.
  • Institute for Constitutional Advocacy Says Armed Unorganized Militia Intimidating Sandpoint Black Lives Matter Protest and Downtown Visitors Violates Idaho Law & State Constitution.
  • California Will Ban Any Taxpayer-Funded Travel to Idaho Due to Anti-Transgender Laws.
  • Former UI Professor Raises the Alarm Over Movie Co-op DVD & Blu-Ray Collection Being Sold to Private Individuals Taking Away Publicly-Available Collection.
  • more.

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Evening Report – Wed., Feb 15, 2012 – State of the City

  • Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney Gives State of the City Address
  • Filmmaker Tells About His Film on Eastern Washington Hippie Counterculture
  • Lawmaker Proposes Ending Luna Plan to Use Teachers’ Pay for Ed Reforms

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