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Evening Report – Mon., Nov 28, 2022 – Connection to Unsolved 2021 Oregon Knife Murder: “Does Not Appear to be Any Evidence”

  • Moscow Police say There “Does Not Appear to be Any Evidence” Connecting Moscow Quadruple Knife Murders with Similar Early Morning Oregon Knife Murder Last Year.
  • Idaho Lawmakers Spend Quarter Million Dollars So Far Defending State Law Taking Away Women’s Right to Abortion Except in Cases of Rape or Incest with a Police Report or When a Doctor Can Offer an Affirmative Defense in Court The Life, But Not Health, of the Pregnant Woman was in Danger.
  • US Rep. Dan Newhouse of Washington Trying to get his Bi-Partisan Farm Workforce Modernization Act through Congress During Lame Duck Session.
  • Right Wing Election Denier Joe Kent Seeks Money for Recount in Southwestern Washington’s Third Congressional District Race After Apparent Loss to Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp-Perez.
  • more.

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