Evening Report – Wed., Feb 23, 2022 – Bigotry Underscores New Bills in Idaho Legislature

  • Rep. Barbara Ehardt Introduces Legislation Require a Parents’ Permission to Join School Club.
  • Idaho Senate Approves Resolution Condemning Critical Race Theory and Specifically Teaching About Slavery Through New York Times’ 1619 Project.
  • Rep. Bruce Skaug Introduces Ban on Gender Confirmation Surgery for Minors.
  • Rep. Priscilla Giddings and Rep. Christy Zito Introduce Bill Requiring Prosecuting Agencies to Reimburse Someone Charged in a Death Later Ruled Self-Defense.
  • Prosecutor Name Suspect in Rage Mass Shooting at Portland Black Lives Matter Protest that Left One Person Dead and One Person Paralyzed from the Neck Down.
  • Groundwater Use Increased on Palouse in 2021.
  • more.

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