Evening Report – Fri., Feb 26, 2021 – Planned Parenthood of Idaho

  • Bill in Idaho House Targets Planned Parenthood; Would Prevent Referrals to Planned Parenthood even for non-Abortion Services, Would Prevent State Money from Going to Any Organizations that Perform Abortions (full committee hearing).
  • Gov. Inslee Says His Office Will Re-evaluate Reopening Phases Next Week.
  • Biden Rescinds Anarchist Jurisdiction Designations.
  • Idaho House Approves Rep. Moyle’s Voter Suppression Law Making it a Felony to Collect Ballots.
  • Idaho Legislature Will Have to Extend Session If It Wants Say in State Spends How Federal Corona Stimulus Money.
  • Representatives Sue Chew and Muffy Davis Drop Lawsuit Against State Over Lack of Covid Safety in State Legislature.
  • Washington Senate Passes Open Carry Prohibition at Demonstrations.
  • more.

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