FCC Grants Radio Free Moscow a Full-Power Permit

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KRFP, Radio Free Moscow, the progressive community radio station operating from downtown Moscow, Idaho, has been granted a permit to build a non-commercial, full-power radio station at 90.3 on the FM band, broadcasting from Paradise Ridge south of Moscow. Station Manager Leigh Robartes noted, “For the past six years, KRFP has been serving Moscow and the surrounding area with a variety of news and entertainment. This development will allow us to greatly increase the number of listeners we can reach.”
The FCC Construction Permit, issued on Wednesday, November 3, 2010, allows KRFP three years to build the station. The Construction Permit issued on Wednesday is for a 270-watt signal.  Now that the initial Construction Permit has been issued, FCC rules allow Radio Free Moscow an opportunity to modify the permitted signal and increase the signal power to 1100 watts.  “A 1100-watt station,” explains Robartes, “Will allow us to not only reach listeners in Moscow and Pullman with a strong signal, but also outlying areas, including Troy, Deary, Genesee, and Palouse.” The increased listening area will provide opportunities for KRFP to report on local events in these communities as well.

To build the station, KRFP will launch a new fundraising initiative to generate the capital required for this major expansion. Those interested in contributing to the effort can donate online at radiofreemoscow.org, or can mail a check to Radio Free Moscow, 114 E. 3rd St., Moscow, ID 83843. Individuals interested in making major donations can also contact KRFP Director of Development Bob Hoffmann at 208-883-0642.

KRFP’s programming includes locally-produced news and entertainment, with a huge contribution coming from its volunteer deejays and talk show hosts.  Local content is supplemented with programming syndicated by the Pacifica Radio network and Free Speech Radio News, as well as radio segments generated by the burgeoning grassroots radio movement.  KRFP provides detailed coverage of Moscow city government news, and serves the public by hosting candidate forums every year.

The Construction Permit is a major step in a process that started in 2007, when Radio Free Moscow applied for two frequencies in the non-commercial part of the FM band.  Because of a competing application from Washington State University, which operates Northwest Public Radio, WSU and Radio Free Moscow cooperated on amending their applications.  This allowed Radio Free Moscow to receive a license for a single full-power station while still reaching the desired areas.

Radio Free Moscow, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the progressive values of peace, justice, democracy, human rights, multiculturalism, environmentalism, freedom of expression, and social change.  Radio Free Moscow operates KRFP, 92.5 FM, which broadcasts news and opinions, civic affairs, diverse music and other programming seldom heard from mainstream media outlets.  KRFP is characterized by volunteer involvement in all aspects of station operation.

Full Power Project Page

Leigh Robartes, Station Manager

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4 comments on “FCC Grants Radio Free Moscow a Full-Power Permit
  1. Wes Bonzo says:

    Hey Leigh and everyone at KRFP! Just wanted to say congratulations on finally receiving the full power permit.
    I still listen to KRFP on-line here in Alabama and you can count on my continued support. Wish I could send more, but you will be receiving a donation in the mail from me to help build the new tower. Please keep up the great work. You are an inspiration.
    Happy New Year and many more.

  2. KRFP Admin says:

    Thanks for your support, Wes! We wish that our signal could reach you in Alabama, but you should always be able to listen to us on the Internet!

  3. Paul Hamlett says:

    Its great that the station will be able to reach more people. At least I can still listen online here in Twin Falls. Miss doing the show but enjoy the experience gained from doing a talk show. Best regards.

  4. Hey, it’s been a while. I’m just wondering what the status is on this. Is it still in play?

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