Evening Report – Fri., Dec 4, 2020 – Malden & Pine City Help

  • Whitman County Commissioner Art Swannack Gets Pullman City Backing to Use Tax Laws to Help Victims of Fire that Destroyed Malden and Pine City.
  • WSU Will Store 60,000 Doses of Covid-19 Vaccine at 80 Degrees Below Zero Fahrenheit.
  • Washington Sets Record for Coronavirus Deaths in a Single Day: 50.
  • Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Says 80% Wearing Masks and Traveling Down 35%.
  • University of Idaho Selects Torrey Lawrence as New Provost.
  • Mike Berney of Palouse River Counseling on Mental Health Dynamics in Whitman County.
  • Idaho Legislature Eschews Masks, Social Distancing; Chooses Committee Chairs and Members.
  • more.

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