CMJ Music Reports for weeks of Oct. 11 – Oct. 18, Oct 18 to Oct. 25

CMJ was on hiatus two weeks ago so this is the top thirty KRFP spins for the weeks of Oct. 11 – Oct. 18, Oct 18 to Oct. 25.

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1 CORN MASH Nice And Hot Disc Makers
2 BASSNECTAR Divergent Spectrum Amorphous
3 PRIMUS Green Naugahyde ATO
4 S.C.U.M Again Into Eyes Mute
5 BJORK Biophilia Nonesuch
6 MASTODON The Hunter Reprise
7 GIFT Explode La Folie
8 FORREST DAY Forrest Day Ninth Street Opus
9 MISFITS The Devil’s Rain Misfits
10 MEMORYHOUSE The Years Sub Pop-Arcade Sound
11 BLOOD ORANGE Coastal Grooves Domino
12 CHRISTOPHER O’RILEY Shuffle.Play.Listen Oxingale
13 MOGWAI Earth Division Sub Pop
14 JOHN SURMAN Flashpoint: NDR Jazz Workshop April 1969 Cuneiform
15 CALM PARADOX Calm Paradox
16 TARTUFI Nests Of Waves And Wire Southern
18 BETHESDA Dreamtiger And Other Tails
19 SLEIGH BELLS Treats Mom And Pop
20 LOW C’mon Sub Pop
21 PHIL BARRY Between The Carolinas
22 RADICAL DADS Mega Rama Uninhabitable Mansions
23 FRISKA VILJOR The Beginning Of The Beginning Of The End Crying Bob
24 ATMOSPHERE The Family Sign Rhymesayers
25 GARY CLARK JR. Bright Lights [EP] Warner Bros.
26 WE WERE PROMISED JETPACKS In The Pit Of The Stomach FatCat
27 SWAMPBOOTS Everything Ends Nothing Ends Well
28 TIM HORNER The Places We Feel Free Miles High
29 STEVEN LUGERNER SEPTET Narratives Self-Released
30 VARIOUS ARTISTS Red Hot And Rio 2: Nova Tropicalia eOne

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