Evening Report – Fri., Oct 7, 2011 – Bike Arrests

  • Two Following Megaloads on Bikes Arrested
  • Montana Judge Allows Split Megaloads on US 12 & US 93 in Modified Injunction
  • Postal Service Takes Comments on Closing UI Branch

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3 comments on “Evening Report – Fri., Oct 7, 2011 – Bike Arrests
  1. Daniel says:

    The biker should have WAITED at the sign for about 2 min while the megaload went by. He knew VERY well he wasn’t supposed to be off the sidewalk and that the police were taking a no-tolerance approach (due to the mass civil disobedience during the first megaload). If you’re riding your bike in the middle of the night to protest a megaload, you’re asking for trouble like this. It’s not as if he was trying to get home after a long evening shift at work.

  2. Zachary Johnson says:

    Thank you for doing this interview with me, Leigh. Keep up the great work on the megaloads, and everything else!

  3. Zachary Johnson says:

    How do you know what I was doing? I did happen to be coming home from working since 9 in the morning.

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