Evening Report – Mon., Feb 28, 2011 – LaDuke in Lapwai

  • Winona LaDuke

    Winona LaDuke

    Lodgepole Pines to be Largely Gone by 2080

  • Luna’s Office Could Authorize up to $57 Million in Computer Sales & Maintenance if Ed Reform Passes
  • Native American Activist Winona LaDuke Discusses Megaloads with Nez Perce Tribal Members
  • J-FAC deadlocked in Liquor Store Hours
  • Former U.S. Senator Jim McClure Dies
  • Moscow Committee Hears Stop Sign Petition Plan

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One comment on “Evening Report – Mon., Feb 28, 2011 – LaDuke in Lapwai
  1. sandy says:

    I am not of Native American. I grew up spending time in Stone Lake Wi where my interest in Native American history started. My grandpa always took me to the reservation I loved the heritage. In high school I hated history unless it was about Native American history and often argued with even my history teacher on his views. I am almost 50 years old and I still feel so much emotion to the unjust that still goes on against Native Americans. I can not understand the “buying back” of land you already occupied that wasn’t meant to be of ownership but respected space or all the other struggles and fights that all Native tribes have to continue to go through. I can’t put into words all that I feel. How can this still go on? after I read what people like Winona Laduke has had to spend her life fighting for her heritage, and it’s rights she should be proud but her time would probably be happier spent keeping the history going with less fight in it. Our government is a group of hypocrits that just keeps on changing their own deals and making things worse. we continue to not support or encourage the most important culture in history ever. We do not encourage interest or do enough to help to keep the Native American Culter active or express it’s importance to all other’s, we do not acknowledge the true damage we have done all these hundreds of years to Native Americans or even understand the wrong message we are displaying to the entire world right along with it. By continueing to fight whats right it continues to keep missunderstanding and prejudice. Instead it proceeds to cause the exact damage predicted by great chiefs hundreds of years ago. To Winona Laduke Native American Activist, I may not be the best written but my prayers go out to you and your drive.

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